Amy K. Hutchens has a phenomenal quote about leadership. She says, “Leadership happens one conversation at a time.” As a leader, it’s your responsibility to set the tone for that conversation.

When I saw her presentation, it was focused on leading a team, leading a division, leading a company. What I realized, it has much more applicability to the way we speak to ourselves. Here’s what I mean. I know that if anybody spoke to my children the same way I speak to myself, I’d be at their throat. We speak to ourselves, often, in a very unfair way. Whether it’s the negative self-talk, the “I won’t be able to do this,” “It won’t work,” whatever it may be. It’s my responsibility to change the tone of the conversation that I have internally. It’s my opportunity to take a very positive view of what’s happening. The best example is, instead of saying “Oh, it’ll never work” with that Eeyore tone, you say “What if it all did go right?” It’s about changing the tone of the conversation.

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