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“The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.

A coach really, really helps.”

~ Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google

About DTK Coaching

I work with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who know they are not yet living up to their fullest potential — professionally or personally. As they identify what is standing in the way of their complete success, they are fiercely held accountable to their full capacity — to how truly BIG they have the potential to be. Through coaching, they are guided to bold and actionable solutions — whatever is necessary to empower them to step into that greatness.

What does that mean? Here’s how coaching is different.








Imagine that you don’t know how ride a bike:

A Therapist will lay you out on a couch every week for the next decade trying to figure out what your mom said when you were five that kept you from learning to ride a bike.

A Consultant will climb on the bike, ride around in circles, hand you the bike – and an invoice – and leave.

A Coach will steady the bike while you climb on then run along beside you letting go when you’re riding on your own.

Executive Coaching

High-performing executives often create an imbalance between the professional and personal. Through coaching, you can regain balance while also strengthening your leadership skills.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

I help entrepreneurs address the challenges of growing a business and raising a family. The result? A wildly fulfilling Life-Work Balance you only dared to imagine was possible.

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Team Coaching

The goal of the team coaching process is to shift the culture at the leadership level in order to drive change in the culture as a whole. The leverage for change begins at the top and then ripples out. Specific outcomes include an average team improvement of 20% in Productivity and Positivity for projects as short as 6 months.

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Success comes from blending personal strengths with business acumen. Therefore, I integrate:

  • Mindset coaching to grow the person
  • Business coaching to grow your company or your career

The results for my clients are extraordinary.

DTK Coaching is a powerful propellant for transformational change. I guide successful professionals through a clear and distinct process of stepping into their brilliance with authenticity, purpose and heart. The results are a kind of Life-Work Balance that produces profitable businesses, thriving families and wildly fulfilling lives.

Working with DTK was some of the most impactful time I have spent in my professional career. His guidance influenced not only my efforts in my professional career, but also provided significant insight and improvement in my personal life... My time with DTK enabled me to be a better leader, father and husband.

Ed Higdon, CEO, Atlanta GA

David Taylor-Klaus is an extraordinary individual. I sought him out specifically as I know how bright he is. He has a way of making you comfortable with being uncomfortable... David has a no BS approach, he's very professional and you know he is holding you to a higher vision that you can even see yourself. He is funny and is a fierce champion for your success...It is easy to work with David. What isn't easy, is to work with him without taking your leadership up a notch...

Debby Rauch Lissaur, CPCC

I have been working with David for the past four years...He has the ability to tap into what’s really going on beneath the surface, and creatively helps you work through the issue...He helped me paint a vision for what I wanted and once that was in place, he always holds that vision and challenges me to rise up to meet it. He doesn’t let me play small and I am so appreciative for it. Through coaching with David, I have been able to leave a 15-year Corporate career, start my own company, create and maintain a six figure business and broaden the scope of what I do to impact thousands of lives across the country and around the globe.

Robbin Jorgensen, President & Founder, Ignite The Next International

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