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Mindset Mondays with DTK began as a year-long series of weekly live broadcasts providing the opportunity for those with a growth-mindset (or who wish to develop one) to play with new ideas, dive into new possibilities, and try on new mindsets.

Join us live on Facebook every Monday at 10am EDT / 2pm GMT – or watch the replays any time.

Replays of recent episodes

Episode 150: People claim to want to do something that matters, yet they measure themselves against things that don’t.

By Mindset Mondays

Episode #150 — Know Your Currencies! All too often, people use a single currency to evaluate success: money. That metric may show up as ‘deals closed’ or ‘projects won’ or ‘net worth’ or ‘savings amassed’ or even ‘money spent.’ No matter how people choose to label it, they’re still using money as their metric. Speaking…

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Episode 149: Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.

By Mindset Mondays

Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #149 — I’d Rather Fail Than Not Finish! As a long-distance road cyclist, I have noticed that as soon as the finish line becomes visible, I have this compulsion to accelerate. And, no, these are rides, not races. And the data reveal that that I am not alone: most…

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Episode 142: Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, just keep going, no feeling is final.

By Mindset Mondays

Episode #142 — גַּם זֶה יַעֲבֹר No worries, the rest of this email is not going to be in Hebrew. That phrase, Gam zeh ya’avor, means “This, too, shall pass.” Given the current political condition in the US, and the resulting uncertainty and deepened polarization, it seems a fitting reminder for this week. As does…

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