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Reinventing Perspectives Podcast

By As Seen On

“Every entrepreneur is here to create a shift and the lucky ones figure out what that shift is early on. It’s all about “unearthing and unleashing the power of the heart in your business. “

If you’re tired of business as usual but not quite sure how to rewire your approach to business for impact?? Get inspired. FIND OUT: Why “growing your team” is the wrong approach? And, the BEST question an entrepreneur can ask themselves. This episode is packed with great value for business and for the life of entrepreneur ????.

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Manage 2 Win

By As Seen On

What if you could follow a system to change a significant habit and OTHER PEOPLE would notice a difference in as little as 1-2 weeks?

For instance, you want to:

  1. Better manage that employee who has an issue,
  2. Create one hour of additional time in your day by saying “no” more often, or
  3. Get along better with that “other person.”

Changing habits in only 1-2 weeks?  That could mean BIG BUCKS, more joy, less stress, and more importantly, a FUN, MEANINGFUL LIFE!

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The Virtual Campfire with Tony Martignetti – Mindset Mondays with David Taylor-Klaus

By As Seen On

“We don’t see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.” 
“If all meaning is made up, why not make up something that serves?”

On The Virtual Campfire, we discussed how to follow your passion healthily and happily. We talk about the dangerous myth that, if it’s hard, it’s good. We discussed the importance of seeking help and accepting it when it’s offered. On this show, I emphasized the crucial role my family has played in my life and elaborates on the importance of community. Humans are wired for connection, and its important to change your lens in order to bring about the reality you want to see. Listen in!

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Podcast: Life as Leadership

By As Seen On

REWIRE Your Thinking to Maximize Your Leadership with David Taylor-Klaus


  • The REWIRE framework (replacing an unhelpful behavior with a helpful one): 1. Reflect 2. Experiment 3. Write 4. Investigate 5. Revise 6. Expand (to other areas)
  • Of these six areas, people tend away most from writing and expanding. Watch out that you don’t fall into the same trap!
  • Expand your influence by using the Cascade Effect: Serving and leading people who will do the same for others.
  • Use the 10-10-10 tool: Take three timelines (minutes, hours, days, years, decades, etc.). What will the impact of this decision be in 10 ___, 10 ___, and 10 ___)?
  • Leaders need to understand the impact of their “leadership impact wake” and the gap between what it is and what they intend it to be.
  • Managers achieve a given goal as effectively as possible, but entrepreneurs decide what they want to be true and create the conditions to make that truth a reality.

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