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There’s no better intro to this raw and real episode than the one you’ll hear by the host:

“Today’s guest is a gem, such an inspiration. In New York, they would call him a “mensch.” His name is David Taylor-Klaus. And his Kintsugi story starts when Hurricane Katrina hit the United States. And from that point to today, he’s living life with purpose with intentionality. He embraces his blemishes and scars as wrinkles, as we all should, because we’re all beautiful works of kintsugi art, we are resilient. Now normally, in an intro before an interview, I would try to share a few gems, you know, to make the interview a little bit more enticing. But David shares so much I’m just gonna pause, breathe, reflect on his interview, and invite you to sit back, perhaps take some notes, and just listen to David’s wisdom, his energy, his sense of humor. What I love is that he brings a practical notion to coaching — and also to life — to make sure that we take advantage of our one wild and precious life that we all have. Sit back and be inspired by a true mensch.”

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