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REWIRE Your Thinking to Maximize Your Leadership with David Taylor-Klaus


  • The REWIRE framework (replacing an unhelpful behavior with a helpful one): 1. Reflect 2. Experiment 3. Write 4. Investigate 5. Revise 6. Expand (to other areas)
  • Of these six areas, people tend away most from writing and expanding. Watch out that you don’t fall into the same trap!
  • Expand your influence by using the Cascade Effect: Serving and leading people who will do the same for others.
  • Use the 10-10-10 tool: Take three timelines (minutes, hours, days, years, decades, etc.). What will the impact of this decision be in 10 ___, 10 ___, and 10 ___)?
  • Leaders need to understand the impact of their “leadership impact wake” and the gap between what it is and what they intend it to be.
  • Managers achieve a given goal as effectively as possible, but entrepreneurs decide what they want to be true and create the conditions to make that truth a reality.

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