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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #146 — Let the Ease-full Road Be the High Road

If you’ve joined me for even a few of these broadcasts over the last nearly-three years then you know my truth that we are always at choice. And that is exactly what surfaced for me this week: we are at choice about how to face this pandemic. We are at choice about how to respond to, participate in, and honor the emerging cultural shift. And, we are at choice about how we wish to be known or remembered. And although novelist Lionel Shriver’s quote is originally specific to the United States, not surprisingly her broad condemnation can be extended well beyond:

“In a country that doesn’t discriminate
between fame and infamy,
the latter presents itself
as plainly more achievable.”

— Lionel Shriver

But her message need not only be a dark warning. I choose to read it as an invitation to lean into the positive, to take the high road, and to choose for it to actually be a path full of ease. Just because the author says that infamy (the low road, a negative path) is more achievable need not mean that we make it the default outcome.

This harkens back to a timeless First Nations story about the Battle of the Two Wolves. This is about which energy one chooses to embrace (which wolf one chooses to feed) … and when.

What will you choose?


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