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Episode #150 — Know Your Currencies!

All too often, people use a single currency to evaluate success: money. That metric may show up as ‘deals closed’ or ‘projects won’ or ‘net worth’ or ‘savings amassed’ or even ‘money spent.’ No matter how people choose to label it, they’re still using money as their metric.

Speaking from painful personal experience, when any of us measure success solely with what is in our coffers, it devalues all the other things that are actually important. Holiday points out that folly beautifully.

“People claim to want to do something that matters, yet they measure themselves against things that don’t.”
— Ryan Holiday

Time and attention are two currencies more valuable than money, and there are many more. Learning, Growth, Self-care, Connection,

My portfolio of currencies is wildly diverse and completely personal to me. As will yours be to you.

When we only measure our success by how much money we have, rather than the impact we make, the time spent with our family, the experiences shared, or the freedom and the flexibility we create for ourselves, we are missing the point.

Henry David Thoreau told us that “The price of anything is the amount of life that you exchange for it.” … That gives us a whole new way to measure!

Money may be the physical means of exchange upon which our economy is built, yet our emotional and spiritual exchanges, those currencies that you can’t touch, are critical for building a “balanced” portfolio and a truly successful life.

How much more you could accomplish if you were deliberate about how you manage all of your different types of currencies? What might shift if you were as intentional about how you spend time, energy, emotion, and attention as you are about cash flow?

What are your currencies?


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