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Episode #156 — ????????‍♂️????????⤴️❓

My friend Alexis Ramer-Artin told me that “We can listen when the Universe whispers in our ear or wait until it hits us in the head with a bat.

Those whispers are always around us. There are signs all around us. Yet so often we move through our lives unconsciously, deaf to those whispers, blind to the signs. Sadly we miss their gifts.

“Watch for signs of what lights you up.
Do more of that.”

— Tony Martignetti

And that’s it. The gift we miss most of all is the insight into what truly lights us up, the awareness of what fills our souls, the knowledge of what recharges our batteries. Yes, even in our obliviousness we still get lit up, filled, recharged. AND … when we are conscious and dare to name what these things are, that’s when we can bring intention to creating more of them in our lives.

What lights you up?
What fills your soul?
What recharges your batteries?

Join the conversation on Monday and dare to declare what those things are. Name them. Share them with me and our community in the live chat.

What will you do to create more of those things in your life?


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