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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #174 — Mastery Is Unpacking the Unconscious.

Earlier this week I co-led a workshop with another amazing coach, Rusty Gaillard. Co-creating with him was the first time we had ever collaborated and this event was the first time we led together.

All of it went fabulously (and the folk who attended loved it, as well).

And the most interesting bit for me is that I noticed Rusty’s extraordinary ability to capture what had just gone on ‘in the room’ and reflect it back in a way that triggered even deeper insight.

YES, I have deep unconscious competence with a similar magic in a 1:1 environment. And I’m pretty damned good with it in a group setting. But he was extraordinary!

“What is ordinary to you is amazing to others.”
— Derek Sivers

What seemed ordinary to him (unconscious competence) was amazing to me (still in the conscious competence stage).

SO much of what others see as my magic seems so ordinary, so easy, so effortless for me that I forget that its magic … and sometimes I even discount it.

Where are you overlooking your magic?

And then I realized the next level … One truly reaches mastery with a skill only once one can break down their magic, unpack that which is unconscious and extraordinary, and teach it to someone else.

Where is mastery waiting for you?


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