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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #177 — Wide Then Narrow

In the past, whenever I got overwhelmed, my default was to go into heavy “DO mode.” I’d go heads down, hunker down, plow forward… work harder.

On the surface, that seemed to be effective … but it wasn’t.

My friend Parissa Behnia draws out the distinction between speed and velocity. Simply put, speed is the rate of motion while velocity is the rate of motion in a given direction. I was going for speed rather than velocity.

Another friend of mine has a wonderful, stunningly simple antidote to speed-addiction that would have served me in my early years as an entrepreneur:

“Expand your vision. Narrow your focus.”
— Tony Martignetti

Actually, this elegant adage still serves me well!

Be it overwhelm or an embarrassment of riches that triggers the challenge, the first step is to stand back, change your perspective so that you can see MORE… a wider expanse of vision allows us to expand ideas, expand options, expand possibilities.

Then: NOTICE …

As a new path, a new solution, a new set of outcomes becomes evident, dial in your focus on that future. Zero in and let everything else fall out of focus and stop taking energy.

Let your desired future state be the driver for action and creation.

The broader view allows for clear-headed, laser-focused action towards your new future.

Where will this serve you most?


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