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Ken Mossman and I began on Mojo for the Modern Man, walking one very specific tightrope of my childhood: “Dude, it was odd! I grew up a liberal Jew in the South, 20 miles from where the Klan reconstituted in 1898!” I came of age in the midst of the reverberations of the 1958 Atlanta synagogue bombing in the 60’s and ‘70’s.

I can still remember the shocked look on my mother’s face when she heard me say, in a born and bred southern accent “bye, y’all!” as I stepped off a school bus just days after starting school in Atlanta.  Ken and I unpack the influence – and beauty – of navigating life with undiagnosed ADD, highlighting how I developed my own ability to be present by listening.

Being listened to is so much like love that people can scarcely tell the difference.

Listen in to this fun and deep diving episode which offers lessons from history, highlighting the phenomenon of “othering” and objectification – and offering a relatively simple antidote to begin creating connection.

Tune in to this first episode where Ken and I draw a key distinction between bosses and leaders, and share an important step toward “unf$@king” our world.

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