Acknowledge How You Feel. You’re not alone in feeling alone. Loneliness is a common experience for entrepreneurs. The first step in combating loneliness, as in all challenges, is to acknowledge your feelings. The most critical step is next: Remove the judgment. Once you’ve acknowledged where you are and have given yourself a break for feeling that way, then you can begin to reach out and take action to change it.”

When you rise to the top of your field or become the head of an organization, the old adage about how lonely it can be at the top often starts to ring true. To validate the sacrifices you’re making—and perhaps to distract yourself from the pressure of working solo much of the time—you may up your load, trying to bring every big idea to life. Although many entrepreneurs lose themselves in their work in this way, no one can escape the fact that humans are social animals by nature, and being disconnected from others will eventually impact your health.

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