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A hundred years ago, as the story goes, disgruntled workers threw their wooden shoes (‘sabot‘ in French) into the machinery during a strike. That’s where the word “Saboteur” comes from.

Our saboteurs are those voices in our head that tell us lies (no, not those kind of voices!). They are messages we tell our selves that stand in our way and stop our forward progress. We ALL have them.

“If you don’t believe you have any saboteurs, watch out!
The most dangerous enemy is the invisible one.”
– PositiveIntelligence .com

So, what do your saboteurs say?

And what are they doing to slow you down?

Mine say things like, “who’s going to listen to you?” and “don’t write that, people will think it’s ridiculous!” and “you’re never going to make that work!” When I listen to them, my machinery stops. I get stuck.

When I manage them, I am free to keep moving, full steam ahead.

When you listen to those voices, YOU get stuck. YOU stand in your own way. YOU become your problem!

Changing your old scripts, the stories that your saboteurs tell you to keep you stuck, requires KNOWING them and EXPOSING them.

There’s a simple-but-powerful tool I use with my private clients. It can help you recognize and expose your Saboteurs.

The Saboteur Assessment was developed by Shirzad Chamin, Chairman & Former CEO of the Co-Active Training Institute (formerly Coaches Training Institute) and author/creator of Positive Intelligence (PQ). It’s a cross-cultural assessment that has been used with individuals in over a dozen countries, men & women, solo-preneurs & CEOs of billion-dollar corporations.

The online assessment is free, takes about 5 minutes, and the information you get back in the report is AMAZING!

You’ll discover which of the 10 hidden mental Saboteurs causes the greatest harm to your success and happiness. (The gang includes Judge, Controller, Stickler, Avoider, and Victim — any of those sound familiar?)

So, are you brave enough to speak your truth? To share your purpose with others? To be vulnerable? Or will you continue to let your saboteur stop you?

Take the Saboteur Assessment

Knowing what is standing in your way is important. Realizing and acknowledging that YOU are your greatest obstacle is the fastest way to get the machines running again. Are you ready to learn how to:

  • spot your saboteurs before they stop you?
  • manage your saboteurs when they show up?
  • use your saboteurs to accelerate your business?

Take the online assessment and read the results. If you send them to me, I’ll reward your bravery with a Complimentary Laser Coaching Call.

Be prepared to take back control!

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