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Are you racing toward the end of the year, beating yourself up over all that you’ve done wrong or haven’t completed?  How’s that working out for you?  Slow down and take a breath. Focus on what is really important because the more frenetic you are, the harder it is to focus on any one task, let alone being with family or your team.

I had the recent pleasure of chatting with IRC Wealth‘s Joe Schum about winding down ’15 and ramping up for 2016 in the follow episode of their podcast IRC Wealthcast. Listen in here:

Be still for a moment and make a plan

It’s astounding how much more you can get done by simply being still each day for a moment to plan. At the start of each week, take time to focus on what needs to be done to move you closer to your goal. At the end of each day, take time to review where you are and what needs to happen to stay on track. At the end of the day each Thursday, review the week thus far and determine what can be done Friday to move closer to your goal.

Is it time to make a change?

As 2015 winds down, take a pause and start thinking about 2016. Should I hit repeat and do it all again? What are my goals for 2016? Is it time to make a change?

Each time you want to take your company to the next level, ask yourself “who do I have to become as a leader for the company to achieve at that next level?”

Look at at your team. The culture you see in your company is a mirror — a reflection of you and your leadership style.  Whatever pattern we see in the leader we see in the team. Use the issues you see in your team as a reference point for what you need to do differently. One of the most important question a leader can ask is “What part of the problem am I?”  This is the thing you can effect most quickly before you change the world around you.

Change for success

Whether you experienced a year of growth or endured a year of just getting by, repeating what you did in 2015 is not a strategy. What can you do differently to make 2016 your best year ever?

If you are ready to ignite your business through change, join me and my colleagues from IRC Wealth January 9, 2016 for a half-day no-pitch seminar that will help set the stage for your new year.


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