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Episode #151 — Feel It All!

When I selected a quote for this week, control over the US Senate was still up in the air pending a runoff in Georgia and the US capital city had not yet erupted in destructive or violent protest.

As I sit here watching the dissolution of civility in the “Citadel of Liberty,” I am noticing a wide range of feelings moving through me. And I am purposefully not pushing any of them away and neither am I voting on them as they flow.

“If you are willing to feel everything, you can do anything.”
— Peter Bregman

I am choosing to be with everything that is surfacing. Fear for our Country. Anxiety about my children’s drive from New England back to Atlanta on Saturday. Amazed joy over Mitch McConnell’s mic-drop display of leadership on the Senate floor. Deep discomfort anticipating local unrest. Disappointment in both the President and the President-Elect. Seething anger at the Vice President’s silence. Dismay at how easy it has been for me to dismiss supporters of the current President. Disappointment in our leaders’ failure to speak truth to power when it mattered. Unsettledness over the impact that this will have on my children and the plans they have for their lives. Flat-out terror that this could be just the beginning. And surprising excitement at what this cultural seizure can allow our country to face and begin to address.

And what I know deep in my bones is that the only way to get beyond this swirling mix of emotions is through. For me to glean anything from this time and for me to create anything moving forward, I need to feel all of this … sublimating any of it drains my energy, cheats me of the learning, surrenders the growth, and sacrifices the possibility.

So my invitation to all of us is to feel everything, do it as consciously as possible, and do it out loud in connection with others.

Now, more than ever, we need each other.

What are you willing to feel?


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