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Episode 121: Words without actions breed cynicism.

By Mindset Mondays Episode #121 — Another broken contract? The formal definition of "Lip service" is "an avowal of advocacy, adherence, or allegiance expressed in words but not backed by deeds." In other words: a broken promise. My inbox is filled with promises of allyship, support, change-making, cultural shift, and action. A parade of massive consumer brands.…
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Episode 101: You are only entitled to the action, never to its fruits.

By Mindset Mondays Mindset Mondays with DTK - Ep #101 — Doing your work is it's own reward. Yes, you're going to be unappreciated. You'll be challenged and sabotaged. You'll encounter epic failures. Your expectations will be unmet. And you will lose. Given that, how will you choose to carry on? How will you take pride in…
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Episode 049: Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must also step up the stairs.

By Mindset Mondays Mindset Mondays with DTK - Ep #049 - Stop talking. Start walking. One of my 2nd grade teachers called me "The Mouth of the South." (It may have actually been written on a report card!) That was a well-deserved nickname, I assure you. I could, and still can, talk a good game. In fact,…
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