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Ep #157 — We Are ALL Joy Creators

During the live broadcast last week my friend (and marketing guru) Jodi Hersh commented that she loves making things. I’ve known and worked with her since 1996 (you do the math!) and I can tell you that creating is core to her being, it informs how she does everything, and it brings her joy.

And that inextricable link between Creation and Joy is powerful: creating joy — in and for ourselves and others — is essential to life.

“We are all blessed with the ability to recognize and create joy, and life is about that creation.”
— Chris Roberts-Antieau

This has been a tough week. It seems that so many folk are in a slump of sorts. Maybe it’s the frigid temperatures gripping North America. Maybe it’s the time of year. Maybe it’s that we’re approaching a full year with the pandemic. Or maybe none of that is the cause.

What I do know is that this sluggish February feeling has really pointed my attention at joy … when I am doing something that does not bring me joy, I am diving into the exploration of recognizing joy in it … some aspect, some element, some small bit.

Not finding joy. RECOGNIZING the joy that could already be there for me to see. And if I don’t, then it’s mine to create. Because it is always mine to create. ALWAYS.

And that knowing is bringing the light back into this cold, dreary, icky week … I am recognizing joy wherever I can and creating it wherever I didn’t see it already.

This week my lens is JOY. And so I am experiencing joy.

And I’m smiling as I type this ..

Where can you recognize or create joy … right now?


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