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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #165 — Wise Elder OR merely older?

Aging makes no promise save an increasing birthday cake fire hazard. One more candle for one more trip around the sun. Age marches on regardless of our desire. But knowledge, wisdom, serenity, peace-of-mind? Age gives no guarantee of their progression.

All progress on those fronts, towards transformation, is up to me and me alone. Same for you.

Intention is EVERYTHING.

“Whatever transformative experience we have of aging is dependent upon our own intention.”
— Kathleen Dowling Singh

Maybe this is coming up because my birthday is Tuesday (and this one isn’t even a “5 or 0” milestone year). Maybe it’s because I’ve been exploring the stoics more. And maybe it’s because of my burgeoning awareness that all the internal work I’ve done since 2005 is nothing when compared to the work that is to come for me.

Yup. That’s it.

With each step down the rabbit hole, my knowing of how much deeper it goes increases.

So I set my intention not on the destination, but rather my end-state: the Wise Elder, the Sage.

Here’s the most beautiful part of this transformation: neither is a label I can grant myself, they must be earned and bestowed (like “ally”).

My intention is, as I age, to:
• deepen my connections,
• elevate my knowledge,
• expand my wisdom,
• multiply my impact,
• amplify my serenity,
• magnify my stillness, and
• earn my labels!

How will you age?


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