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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #175 — Cultural Architecture

Time. Energy. Effort. Attention.

Those are the only four currencies that matter … our only four True Currencies.

I use #TrueCurrency because they are precious, they are exhaustible, and they are completely under our individual control. You have 100% agency over how you invest your Time, your Effort, your Energy, and your Attention.

Oh, there are definitely things — people, places, activities, thoughts, beliefs, habits, etc — that can drain you of any or all of those currencies … but only if you let them! Only if you allow them to do so.

“Our environment shapes us,
choose wisely your surroundings
and the people in it.”

— Luis Castillo

Back in April, I went on a fast. Not the kind you’re thinking of. I completely stopped watching, listening to, or reading the news. Cold turkey. Period.

I made the choice to clean up my environment of the constant stream of toxins I had been letting in on a daily basis since 1992. And oh my G-d, do I feel better! And Elaine likes me better! She says I am nicer!

And as I look back over the last 16 years of my life, I see example after example of culling the drainers in my life and reprioritizing my four True Currencies. I have explored a long list of necessary endings: I made the decision to end relationships, change vendors, terminate employees, redesign partnerships, leave groups, resign from organizations, fire publishers, and so many more.

And what I see as I look back is how I changed my currency investment strategy: in each and every case, and out of respect for myself, I became extremely intentional about my beliefs, my feelings, my thoughts, and my behaviors. THAT is I made those decisions. THAT is how I culled the drainers.

I became the #CulturalArchitect designing & shaping everything in my environment to support the life that I was – and am — creating.

How are you architecting your environment to support the life you are creating?


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