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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #183 — Be Unreasonable!

As I look back on my journey as an entrepreneur, what I love the most is how clueless I was … and how that is exactly why I have been successful.

I never let the knowledge of “how things work” or “how things are done” or “how things are supposed to work” get in my way … I had unrealistic expectations, unreasonable goals, and impossible timelines.

Don’t get me wrong … I was not aware of how clueless I was. I thought I was bloody brilliant!

“No innovation ever started
with being realistic, reasonable,
or sticking to what is possible.”

— Dr. Erin Baker

It’s only NOW, through this lens, that I realize how unintentionally brilliant I was BEing!

Erin’s mic-drop quote comes from a chapter called “The Land of Possibility” in their soon-to-be-published book, “The Ten Essentials: Turn Your Venture into an Adventure.”

As entrepreneurs – as humans seeking to leave this world better than we found it – the more frequently we visit and the longer we can reside in the land of possibility, the more successful we will be. The land of possibility is rich in curiosity, creativity, and courage. Those three ingredients are the essential building blocks of innovation … and the antidote to certainty, constraint, and conformity.

Up until now, my journey had been a three-decade long romp, a bumpy and glorious roller-coaster ride, and I wouldn’t exchange a moment of figuring it out / making it up as I go along speedfest for a moment of knowing what the future looks like. Not one.

And I do NOT anticipate that changing.

Why? Because the life I have created I have done so out of whole cloth, without a map, without a guide, and without caring about what conventions existed. And the outcome has far exceeded what I could have created merely by operating within the confines of convention or refining what already existed.

Innovation and creation require being UNrealistic, being UNreasonable, and doing the IMpossible.

Who is with me?


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