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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #184 — Small changes make large differences!

I’ve talked and written (and rambled) extensively about possibility and impossibility because i know the ugly truth.

Are you ready?

All that you believe to be impossible is so because you believe it to be.

On the bright side, whatever you imagine to be possible can be.

It always comes down to belief. Not everyone else’s belief … YOUR belief.

“We should open ourselves to the impossible
and embrace a psychology of possibility.”

— Ellen Langer

Her research has proven that it is often the smallest, subtlest shifts in language that can — and does — make all the difference.

Want a simple example?

Here’s where the data comes in: as part of her 40 years of research, Langer and her team worked with first-time mothers having them pay attention to their emotional and physical changes during their pregnancy and shifting their language to a more positive frame. They found that they felt better during and even up to a month after their pregnancy AND and they tended to have healthier newborns than new mothers who did not.

Let’s map that to your world…

“If I accomplish X” is categorically different than “When I accomplish X” … the energy of the visioning, imagining, planning, collaborating, and executing is more forward, more leaning in, more positive when the end-state is spoken about with language like “when” instead of “if.”

Try it now. What will your world be like WHEN you accomplish that goal?

Start shifting your language to the language of possibility even when contemplating what you used to imagine was impossible.

How does your energy change? What’s different for the people with whom you share your goal?

What will embracing possibility change in your world?


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