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Mindset Mondays with DTK – Ep #188 — Be Gentle with Yourself

188 weeks. 3 misses.

I’ve been doing Mindset Mondays with DTK for over 3½ years and, as of this week’s episode, I’ve missed getting the Thursday morning email written and released exactly three times.

And I’m noticing that as I set down to write this that I’ve framed it with a focus on the 3 failures rather than the 185 successes!

“Compassion for myself is the most powerful healer of them all.”
— Theodore Isaac Rubin

A 98.4% success rate is pretty damned good for anyone … let alone someone with ADHD!

I see this all the time, and not just with myself. So many folk frame things through the lens of failure rather than the lens of success.

The way we treat others — with or without compassion, for example — is a stark reflection of how we treat ourself. When we choose to show compassion to those around us, it becomes easier to choose compassion when we are the source of the issue.

Yes, it can be easier to show compassion to others, to be kind to others, to be gentle to others.

Keep practicing there.


Be compassionate to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle to yourself.

I promise: you’ll get used to it. You’ll get better at it. Self-compassion can even become your default!

I’m sticking with the 98.4% success rate!

What would self-compassion change in your world?


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