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In this second part episode, Ken Mossman and I turn to the topic of purpose, and I relate the story of returning to crew in my 30’s – and, after rowing in a winning 4-man Master’s crew, getting launched from a racing shell into water well-stocked with a nasty array of infectious pathogens. That unfortunate dip led to an infection… and the fortuitous intersection of my physical recovery and that of one of my children, who was diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance.

Far from finding myself on an easy path, I swerved “dangerously close to the edge,” plunging into a deep depression that had me examining the five best ways of killing myself.

I felt rudderless, searching for an anchor, and dug deeply into inner work in a quest to discover my true purpose.

We riff on the irony of our neurodiverse kids learning valuable social skills that everyone could benefit from, yet aren’t taught until folks face the unfortunate consequences of not having developed them.

We bring Act 2 in for a landing citing Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements”, calling Michelangelo into the mix, and laying a solid foundation for purpose and “humaning” in fresh, clear ways.

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