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Is it October already? Really?!  It’s hard for us to believe how fast the year is going. It’s been full of stretching and growth, set-backs and leaps forwards, upheaval and joy. With 2016 a mere quarter away, I find the words of Stephen R. Covey coming to mind:

How different our lives are when we really know
what is deeply important to us,
and keeping that in mind,
we manage ourselves each day
to be and to do what really matters most.

During the next three months, there will be school time, travel time, family time, crunch time, catch-up time and, for most of us, at least a little down time between the holidays. I invite you to use that time to reflect. To get curious. To ask yourself the really meaningful questions.

The playground I’m inviting you to step into is about playing with what is deeply important to you. What are the things that make your pulse race, your breathing quicken, your heart sing?

I used the word “playground” very intentionally. There are no wrong answers here. Nothing you come up with is too small or too large. They are all significant. They all have meaning.

So they are all “right.”

If you’ve already created goals for 2016, look at them again through the lens you’ve just created. Are they based on “what is deeply important” to you?

If you haven’t articulated 2016 goals yet, I hope you’ll commit to carving out time over the holidays to create them.

With goals in hand, what commitments will you make to manage yourself “each day to be and to do what really matters most“?

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