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Forbes: A Three-Step Equation To Elevate Your Thinking To Thought Leadership

By As Seen On

Words create worlds. And yet by habit, we have the tendency to unconsciously or unknowingly use self-limiting language. When we change our thought patterns, we have a unique ability to transform our mindset. When we shift the language we use, we create the reality we truly seek.”

Imagine what would be possible if you stopped using self-limiting language and started believing in yourself — if you allowed your words to create your world. What might you be able to accomplish?

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The LeaderShift Project with Shani Magosky

By As Seen On

Shani and I discussed the inspiration behind the book, taking an uncomfortable risk that ends up being a game changer, the REWIRE Framework, making learning stick, stimulating cognitive flexibility, creating meaningful lasting change, using intentionality & agility to respond in a more creative & open-minded way, and producing the impact we desire as leaders.

We played with applying these concepts to helping leaders and their teams shift their mindsets about the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election and other factors that are distracting people at work and at home these days.

Don’t miss this highly engaging and practical discussion!

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Life in the AND

By As Seen On

Episode 28: We need our heads AND our hearts with David Taylor Klaus

David and I explore what it means to live and lead with the head and the heart. We discuss how money can distract us from the things that are important to us and how we can reconnect with our hearts by going deep with our values. David shares the story of how he discovered his life’s work and what it means to be a heart-centered leader. We also discuss what “bully values” are and emphasize the power of language to reflect and create how we think of the world.

“There’s knowing in one’s head and knowing in one’s heart. Connect with both, so you don’t enter a boxing ring with one arm tied behind your back”
— David Taylor-Klaus

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Podcast: Inspirational Leadership with Kristen Harcourt – “Developing a Leadership Mindset with David Taylor-Klaus”

By As Seen On

Developing a Leadership Mindset with David Taylor-Klaus
Inspirational Leadership with Kristen Harcourt

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How leaders can over-calibrate to the doing and forget about the being part
  • Looking inward to understand what is truly motivating and empowering for you
  • The difference between living from the place of “I want more” to “I want for”
  • The cascade effect: how to play bigger and impact more
  • The importance of focusing on relationships instead of tasks
  • Why some leaders are very attached to the telling and not very good at listening
  • Painting the vision so people can passionately get behind it
  • Why organizations need to stop sweeping things under the rug and create a safe space for courageous dialogue
  • Understanding the coach approach and why it has become a core leadership competency

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